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Originally Posted by brainwreck View Post
I have the Ultra, not the Ultra 8r, but I would think that it wouldn't matter. Maybe you know something about that? I'm looking now, and I do see that there is an unlocked bios for my machine. I'm not sure if HPET can be switched in the unlocked bios, though. Thanks for the info.
Yes the Ultra and Ultra 8R have the same basic hardware and use the same driver, so you can use the same HPET trick with the Ultra.

Be careful though about updating your BIOS firmware; you need to be absolutely sure it will work with your particular motherboard and that the HPET mod works, otherwise you could "hose" your MB. Also, an "unlocked" BIOS doesn't necessarily mean that the “modders” have unlocked all the options available in the BIOS. Sometimes a particular option is simply not available. You could always ask for help on the DigitalLife forum, it's dedicated in modding BIOSes. (Disclaimer: I will not be responsible for any mod you do on your PC!)

BTW, another nice side effect of turning HPET off is that your DPC latencies will (in most cases) go down to their pre-XP level. If you have tested for this, you probably have noticed that your PDC latencies went way up when you switch from XP to W7 (mine went from ~ 10usec to ~ 300usec) Again the culprit is HPET. Note however that in many cases it is preferable to leave HPET on because W7 was specifically designed to use it instead of RTC in XP. But if you want to keep the High-Performance Mode/5.2msec of the Ultra in W7, there are no other options AFAICT.

Note: you may have read on another post of mine that I still use XP on my main setup, that’s because it doesn’t have the HPET option in BIOS and I couldn’t find a hacked version (HP A1720N) so W7 on that machine not an option, ~11msec is way too high for me.

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