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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
New build is up.

When no projects are open surfaces should now zero.

I put a hack in for SubZones, hopefully fixes the crash for now, but the Zone stack is due for a rework.
Just loaded this up (win x64) and my master fader is going nuts, Fader7Bit. Works fine on previous version

Also, in the previous version i'm having a weird issue.

Faders in US2400 native mode are:

b0 00 7f
b0 01 7f
b0 02 7f


it also sends along with b0 00, b0 20, so 32bits above each fader with more relative values? (they're solid numbers 00,10,30,50) eg. b0 21 30, b0 22 10.

faders defined as:

Widget Fader1
Fader7Bit b0 00 7f
FB_Fader7Bit b0 00 7f

Widget Fader2
Fader7Bit b0 01 7f
FB_Fader7Bit b0 01 7f

Widget Fader3
Fader7Bit b0 02 7f
FB_Fader7Bit b0 02 7f


messages on b0 01 to b0 17 are causing the plugin to output b0 00 values
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