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Can i ask this question one more time?
i'd like to have volume values as DisplayLower default and show pan values only when using rotary, how to configure my Zone?

Actual configuration:

Zone Channel|1-8
DisplayUpper| TrackNameDisplay
//DisplayLower| TrackPanDisplay
DisplayLower| TrackVolumeDisplay
Rotary+DisplayLower| TrackPanDisplay
RotaryPush| TrackCycle PanWidthCycle 2
PanWidthCycle+Rotary| TrackPan 1
PanWidthCycle+Rotary| TrackPanWidth 1
RecordArm| TrackRecordArm
Solo| TrackSolo
Mute| TrackMute
Select| TrackUniqueSelect
Shift+Select| TrackRangeSelect
Control+Select| TrackSelect
Fader| TrackVolume
//TrackTouch+Fader| TrackVolume
//FaderTouch| TrackTouch TrackUniqueSelect
VUMeterMain| TrackOutputMeter 0
VUMeterext1_| TrackOutputMeter 0
VUMeterext2_| TrackOutputMeter 0


Thanks :-)
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