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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Speaking of gestures for emulating certain (MCU-based) festures, just a reminder / question for Geoff:
Did you do/consider the conversion of a rotary to a pair of (up/down) buttons ?
You could re-define the rotary to be a pair of Press widgets, like Juedue did with the the Jog Wheel:
Widget JogWheelRotaryCW
	Press b0 3c 01

Widget JogWheelRotaryCCW
	Press b0 3c 41
Instead of:
Widget JogWheelRotary
	Encoder b0 3c 7f
	FB_Encoder b0 3c 7f
Of course that then commits that rotary to the press definition, I think maybe you're looking for a zone based definition?
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