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Originally Posted by poetnprophet View Post
And, I think with the inclusion of things like LongPress, I could emulate that on a per track basis like Klinke's is when you hold the select butto
Speaking of gestures for emulating certain (MCU-based) festures, just a reminder / question for Geoff:
Did you do/consider the conversion of a rotary to a pair of (up/down) buttons ?

When testing with the XTouch Compact in native mode, I found that this would be sensible/necessary e.g. for the track visibility moving, as the device features many rotaries, but not that many buttons.

Technically this would mean:
if the value of the rotary is received as greater/equal 65 or lower/equal 63, virtually push either the "up" or the "down" button respectively, and send value=64 to the rotary to reset it to 64 (middle).

Thanks for listening,
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