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Originally Posted by poetnprophet View Post
With regards to FX mapping, yes what we have now is really great. But auto FX mapping, that would be the next big thing. In Klinke's plugin, you get some created maps already included that (I'm assuming) he created. And you can modify those (although I was unsuccessful to do that). But, if an FX does not have a mapping already, all the params will still spill into the faders, albeit not in any useful order. I'm not sure that can be considered a real feature as is, but I'm thinking it would be really nice if CSI could automatically do something like that. Take the Console 1 with sections for certain params, and the fact that many params have the same wording: thresh/threshold, ratio/rat, input/gain/volume etc., could we have params that contain "xxx" automatically map to widget xyz? Maybe with an option to turn that feature on/off? Just thinking out loud.

That's a design philosophy question that I've pondered for over a dozen years now.

Here's how I come down on it.

Q: Why do you have a surface ?
A: To work more efficiently.

Q: If the FX parameters are just splayed out randomly, do you get ANY of the efficiency benefits ?
A: Not really

So, unless we could make a "super clever auto word match up " wizard, I don't think there's really much benefit there.

I think the VST monitor is about the best we can do, for now at least.
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