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posting a few nitpicky bugs. nothing dealbreaking here, just documenting as requested:

- Track display names are left justified. Can they be centered?
- Time display, is there a way to default something different? Personally I would love it to default to Beats, but a choice would be nice for other considerations.
- Meters are only coded to left 0 or right 1, so a single channel meter panned one way will show Zero level depending on how it's setup. Is there a way to make a mono channel vu meter or otherwise address that so panning will not affect the level meter other than the way it should for pan law?
- Closing projects or Reaper should zero out all displays (currently track names, params, time display show last project's info).
- FX mapping, can we have a "blank" state, when no plugins or tracks are focused? I'm thinking like a zon called "no fx" where we can maybe put our band/company name on the device display (C4) or other cool things that get displayed when basically inactive.
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