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Originally Posted by poetnprophet View Post
Indeed, not knocking csi at all, just pointing out that the klinke plugin has deep functionality and has some very nice features that I think many of us want to emulate here in CSI. Folder mode, track sends across the faders, and automatic fx mapping with deep drill downs, we have all talked about doing those and Klinke does it now by just installing the plugin. I think it's a good benchmark to shoot for. But where klinke has limitations, CSI just takes over and goes beyond.
Well, let's take this opportunity to add some features

With GoSubZone, we already have drill down to arbitrary depth.

Do we not already have automatic FX mapping with OnFXFocus and OnTrackSelection, do you mean something more ?

What is your dream Folder solution ?

What is your dream Sends solution ?

Throwing this out to everyone, let's add some features, join in the discussion !

Of course, please report any bugs as you find them
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