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Originally Posted by KarlGrimmMusic View Post
I've been following this thread for a while and wanted to ask a couple questions.

I am currently using a full X-Touch with reaper and using the klinke MCU on a PC but plan on switching to a mac in the near future and was hoping this would take over as I have grown attached to a couple features in the klinke.

I was wondering if it was possible to use the drill downs to show only the Parent track folders unless the select button is held down which would then switch to only showing the parent track and the children track on the controller. Also is there a way to hide tracks on the MCU and still have them visible on the Mixer window. And lastly I currently love the way that the send/receive is handled by the klinke protocol where you can hold select down in SEND mode to show all sends to a receive track. is that at all possible?

Thanks for all your hard work to everyone on this thread! this project is amazing!
In some ways the Klinke integration is very well thought out and can't be beat. With this CSI, it is probably possible to copy most if not all of Klinke's functions, but as of now I don't think anyone has gotten into it that far with drill downs to guide you. There are some special button functions yet to come (I think, right Geoff?) such as button holds, double press, etc. So in that regard it is better than Klinke's because you can make it the exact way that works for you.

but, I'm not sure we can have any tracks visible on the MCP but not on the surface...usually it's the other way around or a mirror image.
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