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After reading through the last 2 pages again, it's my understanding that this is actually still in development. I did manage to get the link in Geoff's signature to work though. The link below is broken and found in a previous thread. looking forward to keeping up with this thread! I wish i could help program, but instead i'll just donate.

Hello all.

I've just received my Faderport 8 today and I'm anxiously awaiting to get home to set it up. I've spent a good amount of time on this thread, as well as others, related to the CSI project and I'm curious to know if I should move forward with the Studio One set up.

Also, I have not updated Reaper as of this weekend, so I'm still running on the previous version. I know that will make a difference too. Are there any reccomendations from the users in this thread?

Also, I tried finding this .zip in Resources, but it's no longer there. I'm assuming that is because of the awesome coding ya'll doing with CSI made it obsolete.

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