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This is a nice tool, thanks EvilDragon for creating it. Unfortunately it still doesn't work on my PC. I already managed to install the color toolbar once when it was first introduced, although I had to figure it out by myself thru trial and error, instructions didn't help there. The toolbar was also working, kinda. This brings up my first question, any plans for a short manual? Not that there are too many buttons, but nevertheless, their functions seemed too random to figure out a solid way to work with least on quick try.

My second and 3rd installs with later toolbar versions were not that succesful, now the toolbar works like this; press any color button and you'll get any color BUT the one in the button. More so, keep pressing the same button and the colors will step thru sequentially...eventually you'll get even to the color that's actually showed in the button. Again, is this correct behaviour that is just not mentioned anywhere, something depending on settings (which ones) or a bug?

Don't get me wrong, I really do appreciate your work on this. But having had just quick tries with this toolbar, I have to say I have succeeded easier and faster with SWS color extensions so far.
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