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I think i've just made a big mistake in which computer to buy. I've been doing music for a while now but i still don't know a great deal about computers. So i thought all i want is for a computer to be quite powerful and super quiet. Also i thought i would get one with windows xp as then i can still use my cubase sx 2 without any problem and my sound card will still be compatible. I'm now going to be using reaper but i still wanted cubase sx 2 just in case.

but now i'm reading all this about 64 bit and i'm going to be stuck in a 32 bit world.

here is the computer i've just purchased

the motherboard only supports 4 gigs of ram so i will never be able to run 64 bit? or it would be pointless to run 64 bit if i'm reading all this right.

My question really is this. How long do you suspect that Reaper will continue to be released in 32 bit versions? Or other plug ins in 32 bit versions? And do you think i will be able to survive on this set up for another few years? Do most people use 64 bit now?
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