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Originally Posted by roygbiv View Post
Sorry to be a dufus, but I can't seem to find your extension within Reaper after installation.

In other words, I've installed it, but I don't see the same options under the "Track" menu that you show in your screen shot.

I checked, and the reaper_sws.dll file is in my C:\Program Files\REAPER\Plugins folder. hmmm.

Am I doing something basically wrong? I have the above listed as one of my VST folders, so it should be finding it.
Don't put the Reaper\Plugins folder to your VST plugin folder list (*). Reaper extensions are not VST plugins, Reaper may get confused trying to load extension DLLs as VST DLLs and/or vice versa...

(*) Unless Reaper actually adds that itself by default. I don't think it does, however.
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