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Wouldnt it be nice if we could zoom in/out on different things with the same mousewheel shortcut inside the midi editor? So if your mouse cursor is on the regular midi view you zoom horizontally as usual, but if you hover over the piano keys on the left you do vertical zooming with the same mousewheel+key combination, if you are on a certain MIDI lane you just increase/decrease the height of that CC lane only, etc.

I was trying to find the different windows with Spy++ but all the left frame (midipianoview) of the midi editor is the same window (so, there´s no difference between the piano notes and the velocity/CC lanes). Also looks like the central part(midiview) is a big block as well - no difference between the piano and the cc/vel editing area.

So is that an unfeasible task with Reascript and this extension?
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