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Default Script for Uploading Files to Web Service for Downloading/Streaming (Nerd Alert!)

I assist the technical team at church with mixing and recording weekly events. For the past several years, we've recorded each event directly to a CD which is quickly duplicated and available for attendees to grab on their way out the door. In addition, we do a raw multi-track recording, using REAPER, which we can use to do a more detailed mix or pipe back through the console for training or critique.

We also have recordings available online, but this means someone has to rip the CD's back to an audio file and then publish them.

I'd like to bring us into the current age and automate the process of grabbing the files recorded via REAPER (on a Windows 7 system) and uploading them to a webpage to be available for streaming or download. Obviously, we wouldn't upload all of the recorded tracks, but we could configure a stereo track that contains everything we need.

I was initially thinking about writing a PowerShell script that would upload audio files into a filestore and a quick and dirty Node backend that would automatically detect changes to the filestore and serve up the audio files.

However, we have a very simple web hosting plan, and it doesn't allow us to install Node. Does anyone have any experience automating this process?
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