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I have not yet tested with Anaconda, however I tried the following steps (successfully):

1) Installed REAPER 5.984 x64
2) Installed Python 3.8 for x86-64 via -- specifically, this installer:
3) Launched REAPER/x64, went to Preferences/Plug-ins/ReaScript, clicked "Enable Python", specified C:\Program Files\Python38 for the path, specified python38.dll for the specific DLL. Clicked "OK", REAPER says that we must restart REAPER.
4) Restart REAPER
5) Go to actions window, choose ReaScript: New...
6) Specify a new file, e.g. ""
7) The ReaScript IDE opens, type in RPR_MB("test","thing",0)
8) Type Ctrl+S to test it
9) (script displays MessageBox)

Edit: tested with Anaconda, created an environment and pointed REAPER to that. That does indeed cause REAPER to crash, the Python library aborts with the error "unable to load the file system codec". Not sure I feel like figuring out why.

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