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Originally Posted by read View Post
if we can settle down with one Daw, can't we settle down with One EQ, Reverb, delay?
I try to adhere to this as much as possible, having settled on small-ish selection of plugins to cover most purposes.

That said, I've got plenty of additional plugins for cases when they're the only (and/or the fastest) means to get a specific sound or do some job.

For that matter, I can't seem to settle on just one DAW either. Or rather, can't uninstall the DAWs/versions I've used most in last two decades, due to having started many unfinished ideas in them, and wanting to retain access to those ideas. And the same goes for plugins which are used by those old projects.

The times I've had to transfer projects from one DAW to another, or do full reinstalls of my DAW computers, have been painful reminders about how much wiser it would have been to only ever use a small number of crossplatform, cross-DAW plugins.
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