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Wow ! That was fast

So with the new version, no big problem with "classic projects" that have mainly audio tracks. The only thing is that only the first region is displayed, no other regions or markers... Not a big issue but it could be nice to have that feature working.

I've got another bug with project that has video and audio tracks, it looks like the screenshot attached and it's impossible to navigate. The green square does not even get updated when zooming in or out.
Attachment 37928

As I understand, it is normal to get a black screen with projects that only have MIDI, right ? Too bad, I'm an OST composer and the majority of my compositions are all MIDI before the mixing stage... It would have been nice to just have at least plain colored rectangles. But I understand it could take a lot of time to do that and if it isn't of any interest to you, why would you do that I'm already grateful for this amazing script as it is right now !

On the feature request side, a way to move the edit cursor and to select one of the track currently in view would be fantastic

Can't wait to try the Rmb marquee selection !

Have a nice day

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