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Default X-Touch Mini!

Quick update-- my sleep schedule is off majorly... ugh. Spent the entire weekend fighting with a Behringer X-Touch Compact and its Layer A and Layer B... Mackie Control. Ugh. Need I say more? Probably, haha.

Thanks guys, for following everything still. Hopefully this week I can roll out some beta-testing stuff for all this.

I've had to re-do, re-do, re-do and re-do maps for NI stuff, Arturia, etc... and I developed a newfound love for Behringer's X-Touch Mini, which basically rules, in a lot of ways. If that damn thing had 8 layers instead of 2, it would be the best cheap midi controller ever. A close comparison would be the Arturia Beatstep. 16 encoders, 16 pads/buttons, and 16 presets. I tell ya... there's a lot of great deals out there that a lot of people are unaware of. Soon I'll do a YouTube video about it.

If Behringer put out an X-Touch Mini MKII, or something... I would LOVE to see 16 encoders on it, and 24 or 32 buttons. And at least 4 layers. Layer A, B, C, D. That would be the most amazing controller, ever. The encoder rings... super useful. The push-encoders. Or better yet, all that stuff, plus a 4-way click encoder, like the Maschine MK3, and the MK2 Komplete Kontrol keyboards.

Behringer's gotta do something like that in the future. They need something in between the X-Touch, X-Touch Compact, X-Touch One and the Mini... they need something for like $150, and that would be the winner.

Anyway... still excited to roll out this stuff. I know everyone is super-hype on the CSI stuff that Geoff and Michael post about all the time, but I find my 10-month long project to be pretty useful in a lot of ways... and you don't need to code anything, really. Just plug in your controller, add the files and maps, and voila. It's almost like a Reaper script, without the scripting.

I need sleep. 6am...

Hang tight, it's coming soon!
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