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Hey mccrabney, I have somehow missed your responses to this thread.

Originally Posted by mccrabney View Post
i've been wanting to get into writing my own custom firmware
I wanted to write one as well, however it got under other things in my TODO list. But it is really cool that they open-sourced the firmware. It gives it life beyond support (although Novation very good job wiht product support, for example firmware updates for Bass Station II are really awesome).

Originally Posted by mccrabney View Post
are you doing anything with LED feedback with this device?
Not yet. I had some ideas about what to do with button matrix, but was not exactly sure which is the correct way to go. I still have some, but the Launchpad does not get enough of my attention right now. But, I'd like to do at least one update with some cool features in the future.

Lately, I have been busy writing REAPER integration with Yamaha MOXF which (IMHO) turned out to work really well.
Control surface libraries: Launchpad Pro, Yamaha MOXF
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