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Originally Posted by lucas_LCS View Post
Update is available now @:

Thanks! You're welcome!
That works way mo betta! Thanks for the quick fix!

That is a different issue related to how Reaper on Linux reads those areas.
They aren't controlled by the WALTER code the theme uses, so I suspect it is controlled by the Reaper UI code for Linux.
If it requires different graphics, then it will require a separate theme for Linux.
Well, that one doesn't make me stop and wonder what the heck is going on, or accidentally save a project that was inadvertently set to mono. It is strange that ReaComp is way off, but ReaEQ is fine, and a couple of the others have very slight alignment issues. Must be something different with that plugin vs the others as far as the UI is concerned. Thanks again for the quick fix.

Edit: I just put an instance of every ReaFX into a project and it looks like the only other one with an alignment issue is ReaGate, and it is very very slight. I'm quite sure there used to be more of them that looked similar to ReaComp, but it was many updates back.
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