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Default Memory leak?

Reaper 5.978
Linux Mint, 17.3 64 bit
Cinnamon or Mate desktops
CPU: AMD Phenom II X2 (yes, a little long in the tooth)
RAM: 16 GB
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 210 (fanless/silent)
Boot Disc: Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB (boot drive)
Other storage: 3 Western Digital RED 2 TB Hard disks (RAID 5)

Memory leak?
Leaving Reaper running (with project saved and no track armed for recording) for a couple of hours (had situation that need to be urgently dealt with) when I came back the application was extremely sluggish, to the point of being unusable. Even quitting reaper was a problem, leaving unresponsive blank windows on the screen. Nothing else was running except the file manager so I restarted X-Windows (Ctrl+Alt+Backspace (but you need to re-enable this as newer distros have it disabled for "safety" reasons)). Restarted Reaper to resume work, and everything ran like clockwork, for awhile. When it starts to become sluggish, save your work, kill Reaper, restart, and away you go for another couple of hours (depending on your project size).

Menus won't stay up.
Occasionally when clicking on the drop-down menu bar, the menu drops down then vanishes, never giving the user a chance to make a selection. If in the middle of a project this can be rather disconcerting, bt you can save your project. Click on the close gadget and Reaper will ask you if you want to save the project, say YES. Then restart Reaper and all should be well again. Not a huge bug, but it should never happen. Perhaps related to the memory leak?
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