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I must admit a little surprise at the new Mac Pro announcement.
Appears to be a real computer with actual M.2 SSD slots (2x), pci slots (8x), ram slots (12x - total 1.5TB), and ports (thunderbolt 3, USB-A, USB-C).

Right away though...
This T2 chip business. It sounds like the M.2 SSDs for example are going to be proprietary and NOT standard M.2! Everything will be geared towards preventing 3rd party repair. The marketing brochure calls this security. So... a weird machine both aimed at raw 4k & 8k video editing and CIA agent work simultaneously. Or something. Preventing 3rd party repair basically.

Heh. Cue conspiracy theory about the CIA editing fake news video in real time!

Don't know how the price will line up with whatever custom build you could put together and go Linux/Hackentosh with. But I have a guess...

At least on the surface this looks like the first pro computer configuration out of Apple since 2012 so that's something anyway.

Apparently that stand video is real? I thought it was some Onion-like business. Wow...
That's not a good look.

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