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Originally Posted by Swamp Ape View Post
I agree with all of this - he is his own worst salesman. Unhelpful examples, rambling 20 min. videos, inscrutable jargon, bizarre musical choices...I think if he took more time planning instead of just winging it with the same two or three songs over and over, he could attract a lot more users.
I'm a Patreon contributor and I'm thrilled to have discovered Chris and airwindows last year. But I do find I'm less likely to have the patience to audition his new plugins or any I've not spent time with. There is a actual problem when a modulation effect has only two parameters and I can only find out what they're set at by watching the video, and in the video, rather than putting audio through it that resembles anything I'd use it for he run a whole EDM mix through it while toggling it on and off (or whatever it was, that was from memory : ) ) Sometimes I go to the video to find out how to best use one that seems to have good potential but afterwards decide not to bother with it : )

Originally Posted by G-Sun View Post
Chris says he has autism, and his plugins, user-interfaces, videos, support etc. may be better understood in this context.
That's very interesting and explains a lot. Fascinating, actually.
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