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Originally Posted by Snap View Post
Hi, guys.

Anyone being able to load LSP LinuxVSTs in Reaper? They got scanned by don't load.

Or does lv2vst support the LSP LV2 versions to show up in Reaper?

We really need LV2 support in Reaper. That will be a real blessing. Hope it's due soon...
The LSP plugins won't load in Linux Reaper due to gtk issues.

The way to run them is with a wrapper and then load the wrapper into Linux Reaper

For the LSP vst plugins:

The vst wrapper files are files ending in *.so

The original LSP vst files are files ending in .so

Copy lin-vst-server to /usr/bin

Put all of the LSP files ending in .so into a folder except the file (the file needs to be copied to /usr/lib/vst for plugin scanning to be successful).

Run linvst*convert to convert the folders .so files to *.so files, ie would end up as delay*.so.

Then load the *.so files into Reaper (point Reaper to search for vst's in the folder where the *.so files and .so files are, keep the lsp .so files and the wrapper *.so files together in that folder).

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