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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
FWIW, this happens every time you have updated the wine binary, and sometimes it prompts to update wine-gecko and/or wine-mono.
Are you taking about rebuilding a wineprefix?

On my old laptop the hard disk is so sloooooooooow that by the time Wine loads it's libraries the vst has timed out after Reaper tries to load it twice.

I think it affects systems with slower hard disks and memory because of the time it takes for Wine to initially load it's libraries on a new boot and then after that it's ok until the next boot.

Running winecfg seems to load Wine libraries or whatever, and then the vst loading in Reaper doesn't time out but vst loading will time out without first running winecfg or something that loads Wine.

I have to prime the Wine pump, so to speak.

More modern systems would not get the Wine loading time problem.

When I use my more modern quad core I don't have to do it.

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