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Originally Posted by osxmidi View Post
Wininet seems to cause some problems with some plugins.

I think what happens is that when the help is selected some plugins try to do something over the net via wininet and Wines wininet has things missing so maybe a wininet dll override might help.

The makefiles with rt in their names should be able to get better latency.
The rt version is working fine.I can go down to a buffer size of 128 (still 3 periods , 48k sampling rate) and get 22 to 26% DSP load with 4 saxophones playing at same time, which is very promising.

Overriding wininet.dll with different native versions didn't help or lead to crash unfortunately.But I missed something from the start.When Reaper starts initialization, output stalls for 15 seconds after the message jack: activated client.Then it outputs Could not connect to Server, and only then the DSSI VST plugin server starts.
Whatever Linvst build, I stumble on this.
Full Reaper output is here :
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