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Reporting back on the SWAM Saxophones :

Installation with Wine 2.13 is smooth.

First launch with Linvst built from source.No wineprefix, no dll overrides.
Activation works straight, no hassle.

Gui is perfectly usable, all settings are accessible.Only the Help & Credits tab makes the plugin crash.

Every lauch of an instance of SWAM takes approx 5 seconds, Wine spitting some fixmes about wininet that I didn't solve yet.When opening a project with multiple saxophones, wait times add up of course...

These VST instruments take ressource ! Don't forget, like I did, to switch the cpu scaling governor to "performance".On my fresh Arch install it defaulted to "on demand" resulting in xruns all over the place.Quick check with
cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor
Next setting which dramatically helps lowering DSP load (value reported by jack_cpu_load or Cadence/Claudia) is enabling "Allow LiveFX multiprocessing" in Audio Preferences of Reaper itself.This cuts down the audio charge reported by jack in half !

I'm currently loading 4 tracks with an instance of SWAM on each one and it seems solid.DSP loads at 20% when the instruments play together, no xruns.I use a Presonus Audiobox USB at 32ms latency (512/48000)*3 which seems the best compromise for the time being.

I also tried with Airwave but it crashes Reaper from the start.Same with the 1.22 binary release of Linvst.
Carla-Rack in Reaper fails to load SWAM with a timeout error (however it works as a standalone host).

More tweaks are welcome to build that Penguin Big Band but basically, it works
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