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Originally Posted by 4duhwinnn View Post
Quite a while back, wine 1.4 was very successful
using that era's versions of Reaper with windows vsts.
I still make use of a 32 bit system from those ages,
(along with newer setups) and can make music of
many genres, lacking a good pedal steele guitar,
and a film-score quality orchestra. Still lots of
useful instrument sounds from Dimension Pro and SampleTank.

I'm pretty sure Receptor had to seed their progress
back to the wine team, with some regularity, as part
of licensing terms, maybe insiders here know how
all that works out in daily life?
Muse Wine patches

Apparently, some vst's don't run on the Receptor (google search).

Some patches seem to be for real time performance and some seem to be interface tweaks for some vst's.

Wine can never cover everything exactly like Windows, so there are going to be incompatibility problems with some things, even different Windows versions can have compatibility problems.
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