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Originally Posted by alextone View Post
I don't mean to reduce you to tears, but I, and others, have been asking NI politely for a native linux version of Kontakt for years, and no one has ever got a positive reply. It's either NO!, or the corporate wall of silence.

I took another approach on this and wrote to the sample lib companies, asking them if they'd ask "on our behalf."

They weren't interested either.

I was smart enough to keep all my old Gig libs, including my beloved Sonic Implants Symphonic Collection, and i have those running nicely with Linuxsampler.

The Kontakt only stuff runs on a separate box. The smaller libs run in an older version of Kontakt 5 in Wine.

The jump from Service Center to Native Access ensures i will never buy a Kontakt format library again.

Vote with your wallet, and let the sample lib manufacturers know how you feel.

And politely ask those companies making VST instruments if they'll include native Linux versions. Pianoteq managed it with their superb Piano. There's no reason why others can't pick up some decent trade (business opportunity) as a result of the NI anti-linux stance. If we make enough (polite) noise to others, they will benefit from our combined purchasing power.

Just to be clear, I mentioned asking for a way
to install and register Kontakt, not a linux version of Kontakt.
This would likely gain them some new users, perhaps more than enough
to cover the cost of such an effort, with a side effect
beneficial to maintainers of powerful linux DAW software,
in that more linux-only users would buy a Reaper/Bitwig/Mixbus license.

Native Access is not carved in stone, neither was Service Center.
Neither are developement platforms that could ease
quality cross-platform releases. Here's hoping.

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