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Originally Posted by Aliumhunter View Post
Hey guys, I stared using Ubuntu Studio exclusively about a year ago (been using Linux-based systems for a few years in dual boot with Windows for banking and sensitive business), I'm still figuring out stuff in regard to using the system productively.

Does someone have any tips or a short guide at hand on how to optimally install and setup Reaper for Linux and Wine to take stuff like the Toontrack VSTs and other plugins as best as possible?

My main concern are particular Reaper settings or possible quirks with the Wine installation and setup, is there anything to look out for?
There are Ubuntu real time kernels at

Look for -rt headers and matching -rt kernels (amd64, i386) and install the headers first and then the kernel image.

Do a uname -a to check the current kernel version and try to match the version or get a version as close as possible or the most recent version.

Wine staging 2.12 is ok on Ubuntu Studio.

There are various windows vst wrappers around like Carla, Airwave and that other thing I forget what it's called, oh yeah I've just remembered, LinVst I think.
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