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I would start by writing a nice letter to NI, stating your
use case, and desire for their creating a solid linux installation,
and registration process. Being in Germany/Berlin, there is
a much larger than 'normal' fluency with linux, partially
evidenced by Bitwig and U-he linux ports being just
down the road and around the corner, so to speak, and they do notice
each other's comings and goings.

NI are getting a fair share of grief from their win/mac base regarding
the move to 'Native Access', online-only registration, and to that point, having a secondary linux installed, just for testing that as it evolves,
and for wine-staging tests regarding Kontakt, and other related ongoing developements, would be a good path to maintain.

I doubt there is a large legal market for a cracked or reverse engineered
nki reader/writer. I'd think it better to fully develope sfz format,
and some good free efforts are ongoing. Scripting languages
are a linux strong suit, so uniting on one for instrument articulations,
should be a priority. Not that forks are in short supply
at the linux diner and dinner tables.

Have you tried the free SampleTank 3 from IK Multimedia,
for general impressions? I've been able to register their products
in linux to date.
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