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Here are some windows vsti's that are either commercial, and can be
successfully registered, or are freeware with trivial installs.
These each have 300 or more presets 'out there', either as
extra/3rd-party .fxb banks, .fxp individual presets, 3rd party
sample/soundsets, or just a lot of included sounds.

Older synths, perhaps requiring 2nd-hand purchases, will be called 'older',
and those possibly available only as 32 bit called '32bit'.

IK Multimedia
older 32bit Sampletank/Tron/Moog SonicSynth2
and hordes of related samplesets

older Wusiskation and many 3rd party sample/soundsets

older 32bit Cakewalk Dimension Pro, Rapture, and z3ta+ 1.5
and 3rd party sample/soundsets

KV331 Synthmaster 2.8x (with modified skin), and Synthmaster One

32bit SQ8L

32bit MiniMogue Luxus


32bit Superwave P8

32 bit Rez2

32 bit RMXL

32bit Oatmeal (with alternate skin)


32bit Rhino (with alternate skin)

32bit Voyager (with Asseca/limeflavor skin)

U-he Zebra2, Bazille, Diva, Hive, ACE, TyrellN6,
Repro-1, and Podolski (the windows versions may be
desired for keeping favorite effects chains made with plugins
that are not yet working in linux.

Native Instruments Reaktor, is a vsti and also a standalone app,
a dev environment and product host, that has many hundreds
of free developed plugins, called ensembles
or instruments, with .rkplr or .ens extension, like a

The free .ens 'ensembles' typically have far less than 100 snapshots
(the NI take on presets) while commercial .rkplr instruments
have more an expected variety. Create a Native Instruments account,
download the Reaktor demo, and vist the 'user library'
to download ensembles. The Reaktor demo runs a very generous 30 minutes,
and they have many great products well under $100.
Be prepared for unexpected jewels, if you utilize logical aspects of
their rating system.

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