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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
I totally disagree. This is a very important technical thread about exactly this topic. Native Linux plugins will need very different discussions and trigger different addressees.

Jack has nicely provided a dedicated forum, but keep in mind
that the world renowned plugins with linux ports are all
both commercial, and cross platform, and in the short run,
their excellence will draw win/mac users to linux,
and more linux users to reaper, than reaper will by itself.

The linux 'community' tend to circle their wagons, and treat
projects developed for win/mac firstly, as invaders,
rather than tools with untested potentials. Developing
for ARM-pi will tend to bypass that old-skool bias,
and the hardcore egg-beards will likely come later,
once they test the waters.

Like that great scene in the movie 'Field of Dreams', where
Terrance Mann cautiously tests the boundary between
the outfield, and the corn-rows...
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