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Default REAPER for Linux: how to use windows plug-ins

I've created this thread to discuss running Windows VST(I)s in REAPER on Linux.

Any discussions on various solutions, programs, development, bugs, feature requests, tips and tricks, etc are on topic.

REAPER so far has no builtin bridge to run Windows VST(I)s on Linux, but there are several third party utilities that can help. I'll try to list them here, if any are missing, please let me know and I'll add them to the list:
All of the above solutions use Wine to provide the OS support needed by the plug-ins, though they differ in how they are implemented and how they can be used in REAPER.

Note that this still is not a perfect solution and results will vary depending on what plug-ins you are trying to use. Some will work perfectly, others partially, and some won't work at all. Mostly this is due to Wine not fully implementing the support needed by a plug-in, bugs, or possibly the need for a special configuration of wine.
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