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Hello all,

New around here, so forgive any breaches of protocol... Bit shy to post in this conversation as it's moved on a bit, but having read the whole thread it seems the right place, rather than starting a new feature request thread. If that's wrong let me know.

Summary of my post here - I am a recent convert from Samplitude and I feel like a fool for not doing it years ago. The spectral peaks in Reaper are much better than Comparisonics but I do feel Reaper is missing a trick by not taking advantage of the colour extremes for freq extremes.

As stated in post #2 in this thread, it would be great to include black and white for the extremes. Post #3 this thread apparently the freq bins are 43Hz wide. Would it be possible to have an option to have say, below 129Hz shown as black, or fading to black from blue? The little extra level of detail would be extremely useful here.

TL;DR - please can we have an option for the lowest/highest 2 or 3 freq bins to fade to black/white?

Cheers all, keep up the superb work.
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