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We could start with device resource acquisition.

Resource types.

First on there is the simplest. Midi controllers in all its forms (absolute, toggle, toggle-through-number-of-states,relative1-3)

But how do you capture OSC resources ?
I'm inexperienced with OSC though.

Presets of resources should be sharable, perhaps via clipboard similar to what ValhallaDSP plugins do or file exchange. Paste/load a preset and ask which device it is referring to, and we have a bunch of new resources ready for use.

Once we have resource acquisition, we can turn to layers and zones. Zones can have their layers switched with actions, which in turn can be triggered from anywhere. That'll be the bigger GUI challenge. Representing the GUI resources, perhaps creating a simplistic layout for users to better remember stuff, and then creating zones from them.

What do you think ?
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