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Aquisition of midi controls resources and then customisable ways of using them
Yes !!

This is the heart of the project.

The essence is as simple as this:

Controller -- MIDI, OSC, web based, etc.

Control signal -- e.g. a fader move on a controller

Feedback signal -- e.g. a button lights up on controller

Control signals cause Reaper actions - including scripts

Reaper activity sends feedback signals to controllers

(with the legalese caveat that there may also be signals that don't interact with Reaper directly but instead interact with the other known controllers in the system).

It might be too big a project.
Yup, that's why we'll do it in phases.

The phase we're in right now is the 50,000 ft view, ANY and ALL ideas more than welcomed.

It's your project folks, speak up, anything you've ever dreamed of, get involved !!

The custom plugin layouts in Klinkes Csurf were good, though Avid Icon consoles were really good at that.
Yeah, we're gonna try and take those concepts to the moon

As for Reaper <-> OSC <-> Midi controllers,
that is a serious can of worms.
Why ?
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