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Default 5.24 project backup issue

going through the trail version.

Reaper 5.24 OSX 64 bit

backups do not save in relative backup directory.
timestamped autosave backups DO save in relative backup directory

Reaper Preferences -> Project ->

*) check-- timestamped backups
*) check-- "Save To timestamped file in additional directory"

enter "My Backup Files"

and save project a number of times.

expected behavior:

Inside project directory, a subdirectory should be created called "My Backup Files" and all project backup files for that project should be in "My Backup Files" subdirectory.

existing behavior:

project backup files are stored in project MAIN directory, autosave timestamped project backup files ARE saved to "My Backup Files" subdirectory.

EDIT: only FIRST autosave timestamped backup file is saved in the directory. no other autosave files are created.
backup interval set to 1 minute for 10 minutes.

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