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Originally Posted by ijijn View Post
[*]Make a sketch of the overall woodwind texture with the default voice and a general, polyphonic "ensemble" sound. Gradually tease out the lines by transferring the notes to specific, monophonic, legato-enabled instrumental timbres living in the other voices.
[*]If you need more detailed string parts for the next Metamorphosen or Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis, split the parts across 3 channels: high, middle and low strings, or perhaps symphonic, chamber and solo strings. That's 48 individual string lines (equal to the current maximum for an entire track) on channels 1-3 and you still have 13 more channels to burn on this track alone!
[*]For your next assignment, you don't have anything like the same number of strings but instead need a giant brass section. With access to so many extra voices, you can still use the same template layout without altering anything: just bring those different sets of sounds online and use your brass channels 11-14 for up to 64-part polyphony.
Hmm, Im getting a boner ..

(On second thought isnt that sort of like subprojects? I sometimes do a rough sketch with a multipatch on one track then duplicate it on individual instruments and delete the voices I dont need, this seems to do the same more or less.)

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