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Originally Posted by Klinke View Post
This one I do not understand. What do you mean with global state?
When I drill down into child tracks in your folder mode, the global light comes one, indicating the option to go up to the root track is available.

This is what I mean by global state. The state of global light is on in this case.

I'll explain the scenario

1. Start with some parent tracks showing on the MCU in folder mode
2. Long press a track select to drill down to folder children <- Global light on
3. Change folder mode to 'flat'
4. MCU shows nothing for track names
5. Press global to revert global 'state' to off
6. Track names re-appear

My solution is that the software knows it needs to turn global 'state' to off when switching from folder mode to flat. The software should do step 5 for you as part of step 3 to avoid track names disappearing.
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