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Originally Posted by jamesd256 View Post
Aha, didn't think of that.

So I grabbed the 32 bit reaper to test your extension, and everything is working as expected. Including separate reaper actions for the main and b controller.

I guess it's a 64 bit only glitch as you say.

I have now been able to create actions for global bank up/down and bind them to keys, so the XTouch Mini and Touchdaw are acting as one device.

Edit: I had reported some issue with this, but it's because I was accidentally defining the bank up with the 'button' version of the action instead of the 'key' version.
I have realised I can never get the integration I need with the 'b' hack.

Instead I have now come up with a midiox routing that enables both devices to be the main device. Now I can edit FX, use folder mode, do bank shifts all from both devices, while staying perfectly synced to each other.

The only issue now is that Klinke doesn't support flip purely for plugin adjustment on the vpots, because flip is assigned to bypass, and the vpots are possibly mapped to discreet params.

Ideally I'd like to have the ability of flipping vpots and faders for FX param tweaking on the xtouch mini's vpots. Oh well, this is the best solution so far apart from that.
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