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Originally Posted by Klinke View Post
To be honest, I think I have not checked the 64 bit B instance before the last release. And I don't have access to my MCU before the weekend, but I will check it then. And thanks alot for the donation.
Aha, didn't think of that.

So I grabbed the 32 bit reaper to test your extension, and everything is working as expected. Including separate reaper actions for the main and b controller.

I guess it's a 64 bit only glitch as you say.

I have now been able to create actions for global bank up/down and bind them to keys, so the XTouch Mini and Touchdaw are acting as one device.

Edit: I had reported some issue with this, but it's because I was accidentally defining the bank up with the 'button' version of the action instead of the 'key' version.

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