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Originally Posted by moss View Post
Can't confirm that. Works fine here.
I hadn't a chance to test this out again, cause I still have those issues with Max process not finishing properly when exiting Transformator. Will try to replicate it tomorrow.

Originally Posted by moss View Post
If you own Max I could give you the sources but the stuff is pretty complicated.
I've downloaded 30-day trial version of Max. Those sources could be handy. Thanks.

I'm also interested in running two instances of Transformator, cause I have both Remote 25 and SL 61 and want to use them simultaneosly: 25 as mixer control and 61 as strip/fx/editor.


Pot/Fader pickup mode is needed.

When selecting track with buttons under the faders, pressing button selects track normally. Depressing track button makes track selector jumps to some other value. Button 2 jumps by 2 tracks (i.e. from 2 to 4 to 6 and so on). Button 3 jumps by 3 tracks (5-8-11). Or something like this. This only happens in TCP mode. I haven't found any issues with it in MCP (mixer mode).

Not possible to set and save custom port and midi device in Transformator. Even after I've disabled every other midi device in File\Midi devices. At start of TM, it sets "Automap MIDI" as receive and "Bome's MIDI" as send ports.

Encoders do not control fx/device settings. LCD is showing proper names for settings, but LED rings doesn't show anything, as well as there's no actual control of the vst's parameters.

"Write on/off" only switches between read/write. No "off" option is available.

Can't replicate previous issue when device couldn't be enabled with the button. It's working now.

Is there any command assigned to "Speed dial" encoder?

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