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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post

You've also made an Ableton Push Transformator for Reaper. Is it, by any chance, possible, that you could make the same script as you wrote for Bitwig, but adapt it to the midi<>osc Reaper functions? It seems that Reaper already have everything available for this task, thanks to it's OSC native support and OSCII-bot (Celphor 0.21 edition).
You mean a tool like the Push Transformator for the Novation Remote? Should be pretty easy to do, since I use the same code base for both the Transformator and the Bitwig script. However, it is some versions behind the current Bitwig script. Also I got zero response to the Transformator so I did not think that someone is interested in that at all ;-)
I won't promise anything since the Remote is sitting on the shelf but let's see.
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