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Originally Posted by nightscope View Post
What are you trying to say?
As I mentioned in the initial post, Padre's plugin comes with preinstalled templates, which can't be modified other than by recompiling the dll library. For now, there's only 85 version (don't remember exact number) source files avaliable, while the plugin itself is at version 137.
The first thing I've tried to do is to compile that library, but failed, cause source files doesn't have x64 bit support and contain some bugs with obsolete variables.
I don't like how those default layouts are mapped and there's only one user definable page in one of the layouts "Remote (Padre's)" available. I need more pages and also be able to get FX plugins controls without using Automap's wrapper.

What's more, is that with midi<>osc conversion, SL controllers can be used regardless of OS type or version.

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