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Originally Posted by chas51 View Post
you guys are awesome. thank you very much.
Gerry, it might even be cheaper at Sweetwater.

liking what I'm hearing on AD website demo's.

would you please possibly recommend what 2 ADPAKS to get?
I like all genre's of music.
and all I want this for, is to use with my V drums set. for fun.
I do not care about MIDI or Grooves at all. (most likely, never use them.)
Can't help on the kits you need Chas as depends on what style of music you play. You can review each ADPAK. Just scroll down and they are all there, double click on anyone then and listen to the demos. At the bottom you will see SHOW ME MORE DEMOS. So you can really preview every pack before you buy.

I am in Europe € so Sweetwater deal is no better than I get direct from XLN but thanks for the tip.

Have a good one,

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