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Originally Posted by chas51 View Post
thank you so much.
I am going to check it out.
I've been checking out BFD Eco. it's $30.

but, now going to check out AD.
I have BFD Eco, it's more like a demo version (though it's not bad). AD has a free demo you can download, but you can only buy it as the whole ham on rye.

You know what, let's see if I can just give you my serial number for my copy of BFD Eco. I never use it anyway.

If you can send me a PM with your e-mail address, I'll switch over the account info and send you the login info and the serial number, and you should be able to just download BFD Eco and authorize it (I would imagine). I'll go and make sure it's uninstalled off my workstation.
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