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this todays clinical perfection I disgust to the bone.

but that doesnt mean that "imperfections" are flaws. never. what we call nowadays imperfections are the character. because I heard today some old albums from T.Rex, I thought about: would someone with such a voice (Marc Bolan) get a record contract? is his singing "imperfect"? or is it him? simply him with all what is to his character.

so he wouldnt get a contract, not with all these disgusting idiotic talent shows going on, where "good singing" is interpreted as coloratur sopran.

so I dont let the term "imperfection" go, because that would imply "he/she/it cant do it right". and therefor its not a flaw when someone sings like Marc Bolan. or Donovan or Robert Plant or John Lennon or or or ...

and because we can make it nowadays all "right", we dont have to do it. lets define first what that means, to do it "right". woukld Marc Bolan or someone else get into a recall? in the days where a Justin Bieber is considered to do it "right"? no way ... so get your conclusions from that.

its not about perfection or flaws. its about the definition of what is "perfect" and what is a "flaw". and these definitions are completely fucked up. all the great blues singers sing "wrong" in nowadays terms. think about that ... the environment for music has changed, and more and more people become driven away by that chart-bullshit.
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