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Originally Posted by sinkmusic
COUld any helpful ppl could tell if with latest version (0968) they can load sound by drag&dropping into CYberFREE sampler ?
(from the media explorer or from TRackybrowser)

In previous versions, i remember i could do that, and today i can't. weird.
(anyway, CyberFREE used to crash after 4 samples loaded... !)

Neither CyberFree nor Paax3 loaded samples via drag&drop, I hadn't actually tried either of those plugs in Reaper until now (for what it's worth). What something in particular does CyberFree do for you in Reaper's environment? I didn't notice keyboard-split regions, stuff like that...much of the CyberFree GUI looked like stuff that I would be tweaking per sample just within Reaper. Just curious...and probably missing the obvious

By the way...does anyone know of Acoussmodules Pentaphonizer and how it might differ so greatly from many of the fine, fine plugs HelpDesk has been frissoning-out on lately...and if this is an area best explored with freeware in mind until 5.1 and/or ac3 is just part of Reaper goodness...

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